Is there a fee to participate in the 15-25 May Youth Week Virtual Race?

No. Participation is free. When you register from this page we will see that you will run with us, we will send an image to your e-mail address to share the memory of your enthusiasm of May 19, we will create an electronic Certificate of participation to remember this day

Is there an award in the 15-25 May Youth Week Virtual Race?

No. Everyone will run in their own house, in their garden, in different conditions. A competition classification will not be made.
Koşu yarışlarında her bitirene anı madalyası takdim etmek adettir. Bu sefer boyuna asamıyoruz ama aşağıdaki resmi indirip bir fotoğrafına kolajlayabilirsin veya bu bağlantıdan indirip içini boyayabileceğin şekilde basabilirsin.

Will I have a chest number for the race?

Yeap. But we need your help. A registration number will be assigned to you when you register. You have to prepare your chest number because you will run at home. Click here, download your chest number to the computer. Print or draw on a sheet of paper!

Should i run the race at one time?

Yes you should run at one time. You can also register for another course on another day.

How should I record the event?

You can use applications like Strava, NRC, adidas Running, etc. You can register in sports health apps, or with an existing health app in your smart watch-phone. Likewise, their applications of Polar, Garmin, Suunto and other smart wearable devices can be used. Free versions of these applications are sufficient for virtual running. Don't forget to stop and save when you start and finish the app while starting the event.

Is it enough to have the Strava (etc.) application on my phone running and walking next to me and open?

Yes that's right. If you are using a device that works with Apple, Samsung / Galaxy or WearOS, you can get heart rate and step count values such as sports-health brands (Polar, Garmin, Suunto, etc.) from the device. You can check the Strava website for details.

How will I finally upload this event to the contest site?

You have to register before you can upload results. So don't forget   to register on this page before starting the race. Then follow these 3 stages:
1. Record your event as described above,
2. Share a screenshot or photo of your event on social media tag us @mcrracesetter
3. Upload the sharing link and duration to the results page . > Results and Certificates

When and where can I see the results of the competition?

The results will be published on Results and Certificates page with the contributions of PlusTiming. At May 26, participation certificates will be at the same address.

Is treadmill necessary to run, walk?

No. You can tour your house in the corridor or balcony, in your garden, in your car park. You can find a suitable solution for where you live.

Is it only one race I should choose for participation?

No. You can race in different disciplines and distances on different days, you can even race every day during the race if you want, you only need to register for each one separately and upload the results separately.

GPS inside the house does not work and show correctly. What will I do?

Since GPS measurements are based on satellite signal, it may not measure properly between high-rise buildings and inside the house where the sky is closed-restricted. Likewise, the indoor run option may not measure accurately. If you want to be sure, measure the track you plan to run before a race and calculate how many laps you need to repeat. Do not forget to use a system (scoreboard, zikirmatik, etc.) in order not to confuse the number of laps.

Can I stop to drink water and meet my needs?

You can take short breaks using the pause and resume functions on your device or phone. We recommend placing enough liquid (500ml per 30 minutes) and a small amount of healthy snacks (may be nuts) at a suitable point of the course before starting the event. No need to stop time while feeding, time does not stop in a normal race..

How to start running?

As with any other sports and trainings, it is important to warm up and prepare your muscles and body before starting the virtual run. Doing 5-10min walking or warm-up moves reduces the risk of injuries. Remember that we are running for health and awareness, remember that we are running for health in these conditions rather than competing with others.

What to look for when running at home or on a treadmill?

As we always run at the same speed on the treadmill, our joints always blow the same way. A few times in the run you change the speed and slope. The trails, where hundreds of tours are taken at home, also turn hundreds of times. Turning always in the same direction forces certain joints and muscles without us feeling. For this reason, if the track can not be equal left and right turns, it must be run-walk, balance the loads in 10 or 20min intervals. Always listen to your body. Both reactions are different. Our body does not feel the same day by day. Do not force yourself beyond your limits.

Do you do sports while fasting?

Nutrition and exercise require personalized guidance. While fasting, if there are regular exercises and training between iftar and sahur, some athletes train during the fasting hours. However, we recommend that you do not take risks if you do not have experience in this regard. Remember, health first!